Article 1: The truth is a terrible thing, but nothing compared to falsehood

Article 2: The thing you want most can only be found in the place you least want to look

Article 3: Spend time investigating theories of ‘You’ (or ‘I’)

Article 4: Don’t confuse the menu with the food

Article 5: Your mind is the greatest asset you possess

Article 6: Do not let pride or shame steer the ship

Article 7: When action precedes thought, you are being genuine

Article 8 (or there a-bouts): imperfection

The Word

Oh good, I was was worried you 
wouldn't come out all this way 
for something so...well I suppose
I should just come out and say it.

It is...wait...forgive me but at 
this moment it escapes me.

Perhaps if I relax my mind it
will surface - just as the sun 
will in a few short hours.

The sun might win.

I must concentrate.
No I must not concentrate 
because this task does not call 
for force. 

I am required to do something 
which will be acceptable only if it
is done so as if it wasn't required.

I refuse to be the hare to the sun's

Petty duelings with nature.
It is on the tip of my tongue I tell 


I am terribly sorry but...aha!



I dream, plot, and wish many things.
I enjoy each of these activities equally. 

Yet lately this is less so.

Like rubber without road, I am Peter Pan.

I mean we all like to dine on our most desired.
I laugh as delight turns slowly into disgust. 

I wonder if it is serious.

Or is it playful?

I will continue to dream, for dreams are seeds.
I am a seed.