The Word

Oh good, I was was worried you 
wouldn't come out all this way 
for something so...well I suppose
I should just come out and say it.

It is...wait...forgive me but at 
this moment it escapes me.

Perhaps if I relax my mind it
will surface - just as the sun 
will in a few short hours.

The sun might win.

I must concentrate.
No I must not concentrate 
because this task does not call 
for force. 

I am required to do something 
which will be acceptable only if it
is done so as if it wasn't required.

I refuse to be the hare to the sun's

Petty duelings with nature.
It is on the tip of my tongue I tell 


I am terribly sorry but...aha!



I dream, plot, and wish many things.
I enjoy each of these activities equally. 

Yet lately this is less so.

Like rubber without road, I am Peter Pan.

I mean we all like to dine on our most desired.
I laugh as delight turns slowly into disgust. 

I wonder if it is serious.

Or is it playful?

I will continue to dream, for dreams are seeds.
I am a seed.

Good Friday

blues and jazz in the garden
prawns are finally as delicious as they are cheap
only the air is fresher
opportunity is for my belly
crying out for my spotlight 

in this atmosphere anything has promise
strung out from a long week of undefined achievements
aim with me to always be winning but never to win
today I have nourishment 
constantly opposites united