Two Forward, One Back

Oh boy what spirit!Inertia breaking at will The ground is doing the walking tonightMoon-shadows are holding stride All globe and no snowUnbound in the know Lining shelves for times lowPeeks over shoulders on cold morning rows Let us be mindful – never fearful – of all things in spaceFor there’s ice most thin on whichContinue reading “Two Forward, One Back”


take a seatbut don’t take it with youcharacter assumedpractical too are you elegant? rustic yet refined?comfy or minimal?all combined? is there room for one more? two??someone’s free-spiritedcentre-stage or tucked away?accessories? someday? anyway, characters changeit goes both waysi submit that to sitis to surrender the reigns

Between Myself & Everything

Between myself and everythingThink of the beeConsider impulsivityConsider a childTugging at your sleeve Do not ignorePick them up, and ask what’s upEverything deserves integration Water wrapped neatlyUntying of stringCondemns a deluge into one’s lap To avoid missing the point entirelyConsider a cat falling through spaceConsider yourself falling through time Be like a cat.You are manifestedContinue reading “Between Myself & Everything”