take a seat
but don’t take it with you
character assumed
practical too

are you elegant?
rustic yet refined?
comfy or minimal?
all combined?

is there room for one more? two??
someone’s free-spirited
centre-stage or tucked away?
accessories? someday?

anyway, characters change
it goes both ways
i submit that to sit
is to surrender the reigns

As Promised

Diamond on vinyl
Caught in the spindle
Thirty three and a third
Heather knows the word

And with Heather
You know the weather
Whether you want to, or not
My gosh, she speaks of the weather a lot

Beyond the veil of thoughts
Is a peaceful place
Where meaning is placed
In Truth’s embrace

Recognise Yaz?
She knows Truth’s taste
Thinking only of thoughts, she says,
Is seeing only one face

But alas for many
This is the case
Lurching from static
In ceaseless chase

Though in all directions
There’s slipping in soap
Still, aim for remote
Channel effort and hope

This and That

Galloping the horses go
Right where I say so
Film and record the scenes for show
Pick the pace but not too slow

All yours for now and then
Mastering Humanities and the STEM
Throw a stone and stash a gem
Nurse the eggs like a mother hen

We shouldered gelatine galaxy storms
We stomached scathing cosmic scorns
Now we floss fangs and other chores
and flirt with humour until sounds of snores

Between Myself & Everything

Between myself and everything
Think of the bee
Consider impulsivity
Consider a child
Tugging at your sleeve

Do not ignore
Pick them up, and ask what’s up
Everything deserves integration

Water wrapped neatly
Untying of string
Condemns a deluge into one’s lap

To avoid missing the point entirely
Consider a cat falling through space
Consider yourself falling through time
Be like a cat.
You are manifested in your destruction


Article 1: The truth is a terrible thing, but nothing compared to falsehood

Article 2: The thing you want most can only be found in the place you least want to look

Article 3: Spend time investigating theories of ‘You’ (or ‘I’)

Article 4: Don’t confuse the menu with the food

Article 5: Your mind is the greatest asset you possess

Article 6: Do not let pride or shame steer the ship

Article 7: When action precedes thought, you are being genuine

Article 8 (or there a-bouts): imperfection